Emmy® Award (2013)

Crossing Borders



Emmy® Award Nomination (2012)

Echoes from Chernobyl



Silver Telly® Award (2012)

Echoes from Chernobyl


Bronze Telly® Award (2012)

Wonders of the World 3D: The Hagia Sophia



Bronze Telly® Award (2011)

The Agency: Inside the CIA



Lee Norvelle Award (2009)

Indiana University


Graham is an exceptional media producer, with an eye for relevancy that is demonstrated in inspiring products. His personality is perfect for making subjects comfortable on a level that is unprecedented in this business.
— Sarah Tinsley

Puma Public Affairs Specialist at United States Marine Corps

Whether it was protestors on Capitol Hill, forgotten pyramids in Peru, or the ghost town of post-nuclear Chernobyl, Ukraine... Graham possesses the unique ability to create a vision and concept in the field that not only leads his team but inspires it.

He has time and time again, proven his preeminent abilities to conceptualize, execute, and create something all involved will be proud of. It has become common for those that collaborate with Graham to consider these projects among their best work.
— Carlos Foster

Project Director at Blue Barn Creative

Graham gets the job done. It’s that simple. He is a fearless producer who has never failed to deliver a quality product.
— Josh Middleton

Freelance Director of Photography

For someone new to the complex world of intelligence, [Graham Sheldon] could teach a few of our professional media experts a thing or two.
— S. Eugene Poteat, LL.D.

President, Association of Former Intelligence Officers

Several of us here carefully reviewed THE AGENCY and were impressed with the way you weaved together the interviews, historic footage and photos, and turned out a truly fascinating, quick ‘sweep of history’ presentation that would interest a large viewing audience devoid of prior knowledge of the U.S. intelligence community or even of U.S. history. The high production values and your judicious use of the best nuggets from the interviews – and some of those were very elderly, tough interviewees – has turned this into a remarkable film.
— Elizabeth Bancroft

Executive Director, Association of Former Intelligence Officers

“...Genuinely creepy... right up until its shocking final moments.”